Leaders of the Future

We are committed to ensuring that our students aim high, learn to persevere and develop as leaders of the future.  In today’s world we also recognise our responsibility to teach tolerance and understanding in a multi-cultural society to prepare students for adult life in modern Britain.

Wider development of students is an important part of the curriculum offer. Students participate in:

  • A regular programme of year assemblies and ‘thoughts for the week’ to develop understanding of the world and self-awareness to reflect the Campus CREATE values
  • Daily meetings with a personal tutor to support and monitor learning
  • A programme of ‘Learning for Life’ days to provide a range of opportunities for personal, social and health education, citizenship and careers, information advice and guidance, sex and relationships education, and a programme to help students become better learners
  • A wide range of clubs, trips, teams and other activities co-ordinated through Stantonbury Xtra, to broaden experience and develop students as future leaders

In key stage 3, Rich Tasks to connect learning across subjects through, for example units on ‘Staying Alive’ to explore personal safety and ‘MK City of Diversity’ to provide opportunities for students to meet with community leaders and employers to reflect the rich diversity of our local community.

In key stage 4, students have wider opportunities to take on leadership roles and Sixth Formers are expected to give something back through the Community Active Service (CAS) programme. Our Sixth Form head students support staff to develop student leadership across the school and in the wider community.