Inclusion & Equality

We provide a wide range of provision for students with individual needs and barriers to learning.  Our Aspire Centre, which opened in autumn 2014, is now developing individual programmes, support and opportunities to meet the needs of every student.  Within the Centre, Rachel Calandro leads special needs work in a new Inclusion Centre and there are two specialist departments for students with more complex needs (Communication and Speech and Language).

Our specialist team of teachers and learning support assistants works in partnership with parents and families to provide classroom based support, small group tuition and individual literacy and numeracy tuition.  Following the publication of a new Code of Practice in September 2014, our policy for students with special educational needs and disabilities is available here and a page detailing our school offer is here.

A wide range of languages are spoken in the community and we support students in gaining an examination qualification in their first language, where this is not English.

Stantonbury Campus is an equal opportunities employer committed to safeguarding our students and working in partnership with our local community. We treat people equally regardless of gender, race, disability or sexual orientation and are committed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and other relevant legislation.