Sixth Form Dress Code

Stantonbury International School – Sixth Form Dress Code 2018-19

From September we will become Stantonbury International School, and our younger year groups will be be wearing a smart new uniform to reflect our aims of Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons and High Achievement.

As a school which values the arts, we want to allow sixth form students to express their identity in their appearance but this must also reflect the high standards to which the whole school aspires.

With that in mind we ask that you follow the new Dress Code. Just to confirm this has been updated on 20 August and reflects the outcome of the consultation process that took place during the summer term.

This is the same version as the tangible copies of the Look Book that was available from Head of Sixth form before end of term.

While our overall objective is create a professional ethos, we recognise that some subjects, such the Arts or PE, may require a dress code tailored to the practical requirements of the course. Suitability will be at the discretion of staff during contact time.

If students are still unsure about appropriate Sixth Form attire, please book an appointment to see Aaron Davies at the start of term.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.