Sixth Form Dress Code

You have a choice about what you wear within our dress code. Please dress for work, not leisure and wear clothes that are comfortable, practical and clean. The Cooksey Dress Code recognises the increased independence of 6th Form students who have a responsibility to act as role models for lower school students.

The code is:

  • Trainers or sensible shoes
  • Full length trousers or jeans in good condition (no jogging bottoms) or skirt or dress to mid-thigh or below
  • In exceptionally warm weather, the Principal may announce that lower school students can wear PE shorts and at that point, Cooksey students can choose to wear shorts (to mid-thigh or below)
  • Tops should be appropriate to working in a school environment and should not include offensive wording or images
  • No visible underwear
  • Lanyards with identification must be worn at all times
  • Any hats should be removed before entering a building

Students who dress inappropriately will be sent home to change and may face disciplinary action. Heads of Year will make decisions on which items of clothing are acceptable and their decision is final.