Using MyChildAtSchool

‘MyChildAtSchool’ is an online portal for parents that enables them to view their child’s performance at Stantonbury Campus in real-time via a web browser. The facility allows the child’s attendance, grades, homework, assessment, exams, timetable, class list, behaviour, reports and announcements to be accessed whenever the parent/carer wants, 24/7. The video at the bottom of the page provides an overview of how to use the service.

As well as pupil performance data, the portal also provides general information about school, such as the school calendar and any important announcements. Parents can also make appointments at parents’ evenings using the service – see the new guidance here.

Parents no longer need to wait for the termly report to obtain information about their child, they can check whenever they want for up-to-date information. The facility gives parents the option to be able to take a more pro-active role in the development of their child’s education.

To use the service either go directly to or click on the link in the left hand column of our website’s homepage. Enter the school’s unique number (11312) and your allocated username and password. If you don’t have this information please email