Important Notice

School bus from Hanslope, Castlethorpe and Haversham to Stantonbury International School.

As you know we recently changed the time for the school bus from the villages to ensure the students got to school on time during the roadworks.

After a great deal of consideration and in co-operation with the council and the bus operators, a decision has been made to keep the bus service at the 15 minutes earlier time at each stop, rather than reverting to the original schedule. Stantonbury International School is spread over a large area, and the earlier time has meant students are able to get across to their tutor groups without being late.

This is less stressful for students as they know, even if there are delays, they will get to school on time. It will also enable them to take part in our pre-school enrichment programmes. 

See our 2018/19 parent guide for the original schedule.

Notifications have been sent out by text and on our social media channels. If you didn’t receive a text and would like to get notifications electronically please email

Thank you for your support.